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Dear Customers,

    I'm very sorry to inform that due to the continuous decrease of currency exchange rate in recent month, the cost of product raw materials and international sea freight has continued to increase intensely, especially aluminum alloy materials and chips, which have increased by more than 30%. In order to maintain the normal supply of products in ANDA COMPANY. The company decided to start next Monday September 13, 2021 . All product will increase price by 5% ( EXCEPT for TYRESSUMO MACHINE , SUMO EQUIPMENTS )

    The cost  of all product has increase by 10% to 30%, and we have undertaken most of the pressure. We must use a 5% increase to maintain the company's operations. In additional, according to financial market analysis. Christmas is approaching and a new round of increases will be guide at the end of the year. Therefore ANDA COMPANY will depending on the situations, retain the possibility of another price increase including Tyres.

This is a tough decision and we understand this will bring you inconvenience, but 5% is our best effort to keep balance between our customers and covering our cost.

We greatly regret any inconvenience it may cause, and hope we can receive strong support from your side.

Thank you very much. I'm available for any questions you may have.

Best regards.

Anda Motors Incorporated